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Petaluma Valley Baptist Church | Petaluma, CA

580 Sonoma Mountain Pkwy,
Petaluma, CA 94954

Who We Are

Ours is a special community. A serious commitment to the word of God enlivens our fellowship here at Petaluma Valley and informs everything we do. We study the Bible to find out what God is saying to us and then we make whatever adjustments are necessary in our lives to be conformed to the truth that God has spoken to us. God has blessed that commitment to His word with a sweet spirit of love and unity.

One of the most exciting gifts that God has given us is a clear vision. Here at PVBC, we press in to a growing personal relationship with Jesus, press on with all that God has called us to do, and go out to be the loving presence of Jesus to our neighbors, all to the glory of God! We even have an action plan for loving our neighbors to Christ. We call it PRAYER, CARE, SHARE. We pray for our neighbors, care for them through simple acts of kindness that demonstrate Jesus' love, and cultivate a readiness to share the good news of Christ with them when God prompts us to do so.

Finally, ours is a full-service church. Whatever your age or stage in life, we have communities, ministries, and service opportunities for you. Everyone from babies to our senior adults have a place here at Petaluma Valley Baptist.

If you would like to know more about us, explore the website, contact one of the staff, or come visit us for worship on a Sunday morning. We can't wait to meet you!


In Christ,

The Pastoral Staff of PVBC